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The University of the State of New York THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT GED Testing Office ATTACHMENT A APPLICATION FOR GED TESTING Mail or bring this application to a local test center. Do not send
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it's GED question of the day time and we have a very typical GED style problem where we see like some text like a word problem and we see a bunch of information in a table or chart GED loves this stuff okay let's read the problem first and I know it's like a little small let me pull it up here the Johnston's want to purchase a ceiling fan for a 220 square-foot room which fan size would be best for their needs okay can I just recommend to you guys that whenever there's a table that you before you try to find the information you're looking for you just read the any headings that might be on the columns or rows so we can see this particular table has some column headings we have our fan size I'm all the way on the left here the first column and then room size and then room types okay so we're looking for which fan size would be the best for our needs so one of these fan sizes on this left hand side in this further for this most left column is going to be our answer but the question is which one well what do we base the fan size on we base it on the size of the room okay so let's take a look our room is 220 square feet interestingly though instead of even though my room size says square feet they haven't done the math for me and it says an 8 by 8 smaller than an 8 by 8 or here we have an eight by eight and a 10 by 12 they're talking about dimensions like 8 feet by 8 feet if I am looking at it as square feet I am looking at area the only thing we measure in square units is area let me just so this is a big clue to me that I'm looking at area and the really nice thing is in some problems they try to trick you by using this time sign to mean by and not multiply but in this problem no we really do need to multiply because the area of a rectangle or a square because the squares the type of rectangle it can be found by just multiplying the two dimensions together the length and the width so if I say this room is an eight by eight that means it's eight times eight or 64 square feet basically you multiply feet by feet and you get square feet okay so obviously this fan is gonna be too small for me because this is for really tiny rooms rooms that are smaller than 64 square feet now I need to find a fan that's gonna work for a 220 square foot room so let's keep going so this particular fan size the 32 inch by 42 inch works for an 8x8 room which we already learned was 64 square feet up to a 10 by 12 room so 10 by 12 10 times 12 take a 12 add a 0 to its backside and you've multiplied by 10 and that's 120 square feet that fan is still going to be too small for our purposes we've got a bigger room how about this fan size here if I have a 10 by 10 that'd be a hundred square feet we see some there's some overlap here and our in our fan sizes 2 and a 14 by 14 you don't have to know how to do this in your head you can bust out your TI 30x s calculator your GED calculator and multiply...